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To master Guitar or any other musical instrument the Right Attitude and Correct Method are far more important ingredients that Natural Talent alone.

Self learners have a risk of continuing along the wrong path and developing bad technical/musical habits which may take years to unlearn and reverse.


Do you know someone who once wanted to play guitar, but didn’t succeed? Have you tried it yourself but didn’t get very far in the learning process.

You may have said to yourself  “Perhaps I don’t have what it takes!”  OR “Guitar is too hard to learn; is it worth the pain?” OR “What I am getting out of it anyway?”.. You know what, these are very common questions.

Many people dream of playing the guitar. A few actually take the first step towards it, but unfortunately they don’t progress as quickly as they thought they would… and then they just give up.

Lot of people don’t even take that first step because of a few well publicised myths about learning Guitar. Let’s dispel all those myths right now !

Top 5 Most Limiting Myths About Learning Guitar..

Myth #1: Learning Guitar demands a Lot of Time..

We hear people say this all the time. “I really want to learn the guitar. But I just can’t find the time!” If you are waiting for a perfect time to start learning Guitar, that perfect time is

NOW. Learning guitar is really easy, and doesn’t take a lot of time!

So Why are people are so reluctant to start learning guitar?

Its because they incorrectly assume that learning Guitar is going to take up too much time… and is too difficult!!

Well, if you use the wrong learning method, Yes, it WILL take a lot of time.


Here is the good news:

Did you know that, using our EASY method, all it takes to learn guitar is a commitment of just 15 minutes a day? Yes, you heard that right! Just 15 minutes a day…and you could be playing your first song in less than a week! We can all make 15 minutes a day for ourselves; regardless of how busy our day may be.

Think about it this way;

Don’t you spend 5 minutes every morning brushing your teeth, regardless of how little you’ve slept, or how busy your day is going to be?  That answer (I hope) is Yes!

If so, you can definitely find 15 minutes in your day to learn something that will





So, the moral of the story is learning guitar is something worth FINDING the time to do; when you compare the benefits with the costs.

Myth #2: When learning the basics; It doesn't matter which Guitar Teacher you choose. They’re all the SAME.


One Red Apple stands out among many Green.

All guitar teachers are NOT same !!

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Just because a musician can play an amazing guitar solo, (or lives near you) does not mean they will make a good teacher. Here’s the secret – if you truly want to excel at guitar and have fun at the same time, you need to find a good guitarist who is also a great mentor! THIS is going to be the difference between you taking one guitar class and getting bored, and actually enjoy / excel in the guitar.

We have heard many horror stories of so called guitar teachers who care LITTLE about their student’s long terms or short term goals. All they care about; is keeping you busy with some random guitar related activity until the hour bell rings and next student arrives.

There isn’t any fun, or any motivation…just a hollow satisfaction that you were taught by someone ‘in-person’ who claims to know more than you; about the guitar. This is typically true when your local teacher is chosen just because they live close by.

Going to the cheapest / nearest guitar teacher could likely lead to poor technique, frustration, and you eventually giving up. More often than not, people who give up have had a mediocre and uninspired learning experience.

Perhaps that teacher was an amazing guitar player, but they had no clue on how to share their knowledge with a student.

At Pro Guitar Labs, we’re fortunate to have some really great teachers. They will not only teach you, but inspire you, motivate you and mentor you through your entire learning process…and beyond!

So, all you got to do is to TAKE ACTION

Myth #3: Only people with NATURAL TALENT and of the RIGHT AGE can learn to play guitar.

Let’s just get one thing straight. If you are a human, have both hands (preferably) and can hear; you CAN play the guitar.

All you need is the DESIRE to learn!

We believe that everybody has a natural talent for music and rhythm. The right teacher and motivation makes all the difference.

Our mission to give you with both; the Method and the Mindset; in a way that is entertaining and fun.

So, the next time you worry about not having enough talent, or that you’re too old; be rest assured, you have ALL the talent you need and it’s NEVER ‘too late’. You can be anywhere between 5 to 105. All you need is the right learning program, a positive peer group and a routine shot of motivation.

So, all you got to do is to TAKE ACTION

Click the button under this video and you could be playing your first song on the guitar in less than a week!!

See you there!

Myth#4: NO formal Guitar Training is necessary these days since there is so much FREE stuff on YouTube and other sites.

Creative abstract business teamwork, internet and communication concept: colorful cubic structure with assembling metallic cubes isolated on white background

Structure, sequence and roadmap is important when learning the guitar.

FREE Guitar Course (For a limited time only)

Yes, there is a lot of free content on YouTube, and some of it might be quite useful.

BUT this is the danger, with random videos on YouTube, They are NOT structured in the proper course format for beginners.

When you first start learning an instrument it is essential to create a good foundation. This is often where people who are self taught based on unstructured course material go wrong. There is a strong danger of learning bad habits right at the beginning, and the problem here is, these bad habits become ingrained and will cause problems for years to come.

For example not holding the guitar properly may not be such a big deal at first, but soon you will discover your hand cramps quicker, limiting your stamina, and more complicated Guitar chords become impossible to play! This is why it’s very important to develop good habits from the very beginning.

Also, the ORDER in which you learn something is AS Important as what you are learning. If the basic foundation of your guitar learning isn’t built the right way, how are the walls and the roof going to be built properly.

So remember, just because there’s a lot of information freely available, doesn’t mean that it’s the best training for you, for the short or long term.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click the button under this video and you could be playing your first song on the guitar in less than a week!!

See you there!

Myth #5: Learning how to play guitar well can get really technical and STOP BEING FUN.

Guitar Lessons For Advanced Guitar Players

The is more fun and contentment as you advance.

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You may think that once you learn the basics of guitar playing, it starts getting really technical, and stops being fun! This is so far from the truth. On the contrary! As you keep learning, playing becomes even easier. This is when playing songs or composing your own music becomes even easier.

And isn’t that the point of it?

As you learn more and more you need to think less and less while playing. This means that you can just pick up the guitar and play what you’re FEELING right there and then!

Technical theory of guitar playing when correctly applied to actual music doesn’t seem technical at all. The power of the music takes over and learning even complex theory becomes very easy.

So, all you got to do is to TAKE ACTION

Click the button under this video and you could be playing your first song on the guitar in less than a week!! See you there! 


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You have been a ‘self taught’ so far but your progress has hit a ceiling OR  feel overwhelmed  ?

Are you frustrated with teachers who just want to fit you in their ‘cookie cutting’ methods?

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