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Having taught hundreds students over last several years

We have spotted the following Incorrect Beliefs (or Myths) about Guitar learning

Here Are the TOP 5 Myths About Guitar that you MUST be aware

Myth #1

"Learning Guitar demands a Lots and Lots of Time.. I should only start learning the guitar when I have plenty of free time to practice and grasp the guitar."

Read the FACT...


"When learning the Guitar basics; It doesn't matter which Guitar Teacher you choose. They’re all the SAME and will teach you exactly the SAME basic things."

Read the FACT...

Myth #3

"Only people with NATURAL TALENT and of the RIGHT AGE can learn to play guitar."

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Myth #4

"No Structured OR formal Guitar Training is necessary these days since there so much free stuff available everywhere."

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Intermediate Guitar Lessons
Myth #5

"Learning how to play guitar will get really technical and will STOP being fun."

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       How will you benefit from what you get  ? 

Trained & Caring Teachers

We ensure that our teachers are trained in teaching aspect of Guitar. Our teachers are not only phenomenal guitar players but also very good teachers with friendly, persistent and positive attitude.

Driven by Results

We love to focus on Guitar Beginners because we understand the importance of this foundation phase. We measure ourselves in terms of results and only results. Your progress is our ultimate goal.

Quality Lesson Content

Our course content and the sequence is a result of years of experience in the Guitar and Guitar teaching. We create the best and most relevant information to ensure your progress and enjoyment during the process.

Personal Attention & Help

Whether it is an online support forum or a class room training; we do our best to offer you personalised attention and Help.

Convenience of Learning Online or In-Person

We offer online learning and you don’t have to travel anywhere if you don’t wish to.

Facility to learn Face to Face

For those who live within the proximity of our face-to-face instruction area; we provide the valuable option of ‘in-person’ learning; where the instructor is physically present in the same room as you; to guide you thorough the process.

The Next Batch of the Course will begin soon. Registrations Now Open.

About the Author & Instructor

Jeet Samant - (Composer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Instructor)

Jeet is passionate about spreading the joy of Guitar to others. A solid guitar player with an experience over 20 years; Jeet is also a talented music composer and song-writer; signed to BMG USA via its direct Australian affiliate; 50/50 Global Music inc.; in 2015. Nevertheless , Jeet still clearly recalls his early years with Guitar and understands what it is like, to be a complete beginner. Nothing gives Jeet more fulfilment than shaping the complete beginners into musicians with strong guitar / music fundamentals, positive mindset and measurable results not only at Guitar Playing but also in Song-writing / Music Composition areas.


“I do my best to deliver consistent and noticeable results in Guitar Playing and Song writing; in the fastest time possible while simultaneously ensuring personal growth, fulfilment and enjoyment for all those who learn with me.. I thank them as much as they thank me." 

What students are Saying?

Payal Patel

Pro Guilar Labs allows complete beginners like me who held guitar first time; to be able to play basic chords with ease. The pro guitar labs Instructors have been great tutors so far and i am enjoying every lession with them. All materials like learning videos to handy notes are very easy to follow. I would recommend Pro Guitar Labs to anyone who wants to learn guitar. No matter how old you are i am sure you will have great time playing your favourite tunes. Thank you ....Payal

Hema D J

If you are looking for a comprehensive program for learning guitar, this is it. Pro Guitar labs are providing an invaluable service to those who are passionate about learning various styles of guitar in a very unique way. The lessons are easy to follow & not intimidating at all. The materials and videos are fantastic. Nothing is assumed or taken for granted. The first few lessons provide a solid musical foundation which is steadily built on. In a word ..... no a word won't do.... in many words wow, amazing, fantastic, awesome & incredible. THANKYOU Pro Guitar Labs. Hema ...

How much it costs after all.... ?

$96 $39
Monthly (No Contracts)
Inclusions EACH month
4 x Webinars with Guitar Experts
(once a week)OR online course material
50% Discount on any Clinics and Master Classes
TOTAL VALUE $96 per month
You SAVE $57 / Month
$272 $129
Monthly (No Contracts)
Inclusions EACH month
4 X Small Group Training Sessions (50 mins, once a week)
50% Discount on any Clinics and Master Classes
TOTAL VALUE $272 per month
You SAVE $143 / Month
$576 $349
Monthly (No Contracts)
Inclusions EACH month
4 X (One on One) Training Sessions (50 mins, once a week)
4 Access Passes to the Guitar Gym (Additional LIVE, Walk-in Training)
Additional Support Forum Access
50% Discount on any Clinics and Master Classes
TOTAL VALUE $576 per month
You SAVE $227 / Month

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FREE High Quality Acoustic Guitar

For a limited time; we offer a Full Size, High Quality, Nylon String Guitar (which is ideal for beginners). Available in 3 colours: Red, Blue and Natural. Guitar is a superb quality and comes with 2 years warrantee !!. 


Guitar Stand, Case, Strings, Plectrums

This quality guitar also comes with a Case, Stand, Plectrums and an additional set of strings. All of these items are complementary.

Is Guitar Mastery Super System Level-1 Course Right for You?

STOP: Please read the sections below carefully so that you will make an informed decision :)


  • Complete beginners who have never played Guitar before.
  • Beginners who have had few lessons but currently not learning guitar for any reason 
  • Anyone with willingness to learn further
  • Anyone who can commit to a 15-20 minutes a day of Guitar practice; (for about 5-6 days a week). Don't worry; it's our job to make the practice fun for you; and you WILL enjoy your practice time.
  • Anyone between the age group of 8 to 100+


  • Intermediate level guitar players
  • Advanced level guitar players
  • Anyone who can't find the time to practice at least 15-20 minutes a day; 5-6 days in a week. :)
  • Kids less than age of 8.
  • NOTE: If you are an Intermediate or Advanced player OR less than 8 years age; please send us an email to admin@proguitarLabs.com and we will inform you when we have an appropriate course for you.

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