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Trained & Caring Teachers

We ensure that our teachers are trained in teaching aspect of Guitar. Our teachers are not only phenomenal guitar players but also very good teachers with friendly, persistent and positive attitude.

Driven by Results

We love to focus on Guitar Beginners because we understand the importance of this foundation phase.

Quality Lesson Content

Our lesson content is proven to be working astonishingly well for our guitar students.

Personal Attention & Help

A personalised road-map and action plan is provided based on your goals and availability of practice time.

Convenience of Learning Online

We offer online learning and you don’t have to travel anywhere if you don’t wish to.

Facility to learn Face to Face

For those who live within the proximity of our face-to-face instruction area; we provide the valuable option of ‘in-person’ learning; where the instructor is physically present in the same room as you; to guide you thorough the process.

I am learning guitar with PG and so far I can’t wait to pick up my guitar after work each day. The instructors are rock star guitar players but also very nice people. They know exactly what will I need and when !! Thanks Guys ūüôā

Daniel (Legal Practitioner)

Are you still thinking? Is it the COST that you are thinking about?
We have plan to suite your budget. We have plan starting as low as $49 a month. We believe that the quality guitar education should not be expensive and only available to some people. Our packages make it simple and affordable for all. We claim to provide you with the BEST value for money that you can find. This does not mean that we are cheapest in town; however; it only means that we offer largest value and results for every dollar you spend with us. The accurate, early and right guidance provided by Pro Guitar Labs to its students; alone has saved our students hundreds of dollars in tuition fees, and saved several months (if not years) of time and frustration.


Are you concerned about¬†BUYING¬†the Guitar before you know if the Guitar is right for you ?¬†Our Solution: What about a renting a guitar rather than buying it ? For a limited amount of time; we are offering quality guitars on rent; to our premium members. This means you can rent a guitar from us (for a small monthly¬†fee and fully refundable deposit);¬†until you are convinced that Guitar is working for you and are enjoying it. Invest in buying a guitar only¬†AFTER you are convinced that you enjoy guitar; wouldn’t that be better ? For more information call us on +61 (3) 9717 9717 or send us an email to admin@ProGuitarLabs.com¬†

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Are you concerned about you being left alone (since you were previously been by other guitar teachers) ?

We hear that. We ensure you get the support at our dedicated internal forum (no it is NOT just a facebook group). Most of  the questions that you have will already answered there. The access to forum is 24/7. Furthermore, you can answer any specific question related to your specific situation and / or challenge; and we will respond within 24 hours. Furthermore, there are routine webinars, workshops and master classes where you have the opportunity to ask questions. So, long story short; you will always be in company of dedicated experts in the field of Guitar; and you will never be left alone on your own.

Do you have a busy schedule and concerned that you won’t find the ENOUGH time ?¬†Based on your lifestyle and available time for practice; we create your personalised lesson plan. As a beginner Guitar player; you will need as low as 15¬†minutes per day to invest in this beautiful and rewarding new activity of practicing the guitar. Of course, if you have more time to invest than 15¬†minutes; even better. The more time that you invest REGULARLY the better it is for your progress. Our experience with majority of students tells us that with 15¬†minutes of guitar practice a day (using PGL methods and instruction) ; you should be able to play certain¬†popular songs in as less as 8 to 10 days

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Are you concerned about physically travelling to PGL institute?

Good news is: Travelling is optional; since¬†you have the convenience to learn online. While our network of accredited instructors is rapidly¬†growing; in case you are not located within close proximity of our instructor network; you can still¬†take the full¬†advantage of our regular online webinars and other online teaching methods; sitting¬†in¬†your home; at your convenience. Also,to request an instructor near to your location; just send us an email to admin@proGuitarLabs.com. If you can’t make for particular webinaar; no problem; the replays will be available in your student account.

If you ARE located within the area of PGL accredited guitar institute / instructor; then GREAT !! Make best use of it by taking the advantage of Face to Face learning !

To know the PGL accredited instructors around your area; please send us an email to admin@proGuitarLabs.com

Guitar is actually easier than I thought. Guys at Pro guitar are fantastic, they will go the extra mile for you.

Simon (Software Engineer)

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