Guitar Training Sessions [Standard Option]

  • 4 webinars per month with expert instructor OR equivalent online course material 

    (Valued $96)

  • 4 LIVE (in-person) small group training sessions (50 minutes each, once a week) 

    (Valued $176)

  • 50% Discount on any clinics and master classes

     Total Value: $272 / month

     You Pay: $129 / month

     Monthly Savings:  $143

About the Author bestguitarlessons

You probably know someone who once wanted to play guitar, yet didn’t succeed. In fact maybe you once tried, and didn’t get very far in the learning process. You may have said to yourself “perhaps I don’t have what it takes!” OR “Guitar is too hard to learn; is it worth the pain? what I am getting out of it anyway?. You know what, this are VERY common questions that come into mind.